Download TrapHunter 7.1.0

TRAP HUNTER will clean up your old unused data removing DEAD/EXPIRE Domains SPAM Traps and more. Giving you clean ready to mail data once again. Now you can turn worthless data into an active gold mine once again!

Windows 64bit Ver 7.1.0

Requires NET 4.8 to work correctly.
Please Download it directly from Microsoft Here!

NOTE: Mac and Linux Version(s) will be available shortly!

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TrapHunter Features

By doing these steps you will stomp out nearly EVERY major trap in your lists all from YOUR home computer that includes Barracuda, Spamhaus, Mcafee, Cloudmark and many many many others. Trap Hunter will NOT affect your IP reputation nor will you get (any) complaints from your ISP! you are not mailing from this only running validation processes to remove complainers from all your active mailing subscriber lists or bought lists.

Makes sure your emails are properly formatted and have no invalid chars etc.

Trap Hunter goes across your list looking for any emails with forbidden keywords abuse, spam, report etc.

Trap Hunter will check your email list for any banned domains which includes spamtraps, legal litigators, temporary email providers and much more.

Trap Hunter does a specialized scan it checks the MX records looking for certain variables if it finds one of these variables it marks the domain as a bad domain.

Trap Hunter Reverses the MX records to compare the active IPs to a large list of the nastiest complainer IPs. Spamcop, Spamhaus, SUrbl, Barracuda and more will be removed this way

Every time you reload Trap Hunter, the software will check for any updates of suppression files or updates of the main software if it finds any it will auto update, this will make sure you always have the latest updates and all of the latest traps to be found!

Trap Hunter is designed specifically so it will not effect your IP Reputation or get you any complaints with your ISP or HOME Internet provider!

Trap Hunter then also goes even a step further and attempts to make a connection to verify the MX banner it then uses a special testing process to determain if the MX record is indeed an active trap!

Verifies if there is a valid A Record (website) attached to the domain in the list. This removes alot of trap/junk domains and saves you considerable amounts of time and resources!

Trap Hunter works with all Data Types including Full Records or Just Plain Emails. All Emails are accepted TLD, Cables, International, GI Data and so much more. Cleaning data has never been this easy before!

Frequently Asked Questions

TrapHunter is an advanced list cleaning software that you can run on your personal home computer to clean your own email lists from all known and even most hidden spamtraps. In short it runs a large battery of tests on your email lists to find and remove any and all troublemaking domains.

No TrapHunter runs specalized tests on your lists however it never sends any email out so it will never effect your IP reputation or tip off your ISP to what your doing.

TrapHunter costs $99.95 Monthly and will Rebill automatically until canceled. this will allow you to use the software on unlimited amounts of data and automatically grab all future software updates and suppression updates. we release new suppression updates on almost a daily basis to keep up with the growing collection of spamtraps out there in the world.

You will typically recieve your personalized key file within 24 hours max typical time is 2-4 hrs however.

TrapHunter will remove 95% or better of all traps out there. there is no system that is 100% and I refuse to make that claim here. spamtrap groups register on average thousands of new domains each and every week. that is why it's so imperative to grab updates on a regular basis as TrapHunter will do each time you run the software.

You may be using another service but remember this XYZ service will charge you $500-$1,000+ per million email address's you process with them.. our software can remove a majority of these traps before you submit to them and in doing such shrink your list of useless domains and traps. you will save thousands on each and every run!

As far as I know there is none I tested it with very large lists of 50+ million in size and over 5000 dns servers rotating at once. however if you happen to find an issue please shoot me an email with the details on what you were doing and I will do my best to correct it and release and update patch ASAP! my email is

I highly recommend an Intel i5+ Processor or better and at least 8 gb of ram Preferably 16 gb ram depending on how many threads you plan on running at once you also need to install .NET 4.8 for it to work correctly you can download it from Microsoft at

If you have any technical issues with TrapHunter please email us at and we will do our best to help you fix any and all issues.

Of course we have a ton of ideas already planned that we will be adding to the software in the coming weeks / months etc. but if you have a good idea something that you would really like to see than by all means email me at and I will see about putting our talented programmers on adding these features for you!

@TrapHunter Developer's Team

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